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Modern and traditional mythological themes in literature have earned a reputable place in the society of today. Filling a unique niche in the spectrum of literature, mythological books are often categorized as fantasy or fiction therefore, for those who want a story with a creative genre then a mythological book is an utmost choice for them. The form of mythological writing has existed for centuries and it is prevalent to this day. It fuses an essence of creativity and striking imagination that allows readers to enter into a new world every time they open the book.

We provide you with the chance to collaborate with the best mythology writers that bring significance into your book and allow you to publish your work much faster than ever. Do not hesitate to submit your book proposal to us. You can entrust your work to our writers and wait for an optimistic outcome of your proposal.

Our writing services encompass every domain and types of mythological stories. The subgenres include:


  • Medieval
  • Epic Fantasy
  • Fairy Tales
  • Urban
  • Science Fiction